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Current maintainer:Ulrich TellewxWidgets supported versions:3.0.x, 3.1.x
Latest version:2.0.0Build system:Premake5 / autoconf
Programming language:C++Code repository:GitHub
External dependencies:ChartDirectorAPI documentation:Doxygen

wxChartDir provides components for the integration and use of the commercial C++ library ChartDirector, a universal chart component developed by Advanced Software Engineering Ltd, in wxWidgets based applications.

ChartDirector is an extremely versatile, stable and affordable charting library, that supports many different chart types like pie, donut, bar, line, spline, step line, trend line, curve-fitting, inter-line filling, area, band, scatter, bubble, floating box, box-whisker, waterfall, contour, heat map, surface, vector, finance, gantt, radar, polar, rose, pyramid, cone, funnel and more. Charts can be created as vector graphics in PDF and SVG and as raster graphics in PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. Please visit the ChartDirector gallery to get an impression of the capabilities of this library.

Bugs or other issues can be reported on the wxChartDir issues page on GitHub.


The doxygen-generated documentation for this component is available online here. Please let me know if you think something is missing.

The table below shows screenshots of the sample applications included in wxChartDir. Click on the charts to display them in their original size.

Hello World wxDemo Charts
Figure 1: Hello World Figure 2: wxDemo Charts Figure 3: Crosshair Cursor
Figure 4: Simple Zooming & Scrolling Figure 5: Track Line with Axis Labels Figure 6: Track Box with Legend
Figure 7: Track Line with Data Labels Figure 8: Track Line with Legend Figure 9: Viewport Control Demo
Figure 10: XY Zooming & Scrolling Figure 11: Zoom & Scroll with Track Line (1) Figure 12: Zoom & Scroll with Track Line (2)
Figure 13: Simple Realtime Chart Figure 14: Realtime with Track Line Figure 15: Realtime with Zoom & Scroll
Figure 16: Realtime with Measurment Cursors Figure 17: Multi-threaded Realtime Demo Figure 18: Resizable Realtime Sweep Chart
Financial Chart Demo
Figure 19: Realtime with Viewport Control Figure 20: Financial Chart Demo

Future enhancements

Enhancements planned for the next versions:

To submit a feature request please look at wxChartDir issues page on GitHub.

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