Author:Ulrich Telle wxWidgets supported ports:wxMSW, wxGTK, wxMac
Current maintainer:Ulrich TellewxWidgets supported versions:3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2.x
Latest version:1.2.0Build system:Premake5 / autoconf
Programming language:C++Code repository:GitHub
External dependencies:noneAPI documentation:Doxygen

wxPdfDocument allows wxWidgets applications to generate PDF documents. The code is a port of FPDF - a free PHP class for generating PDF files - to C++ using the wxWidgets library. Several add-on PHP scripts found on the FPDF web site are incorporated into wxPdfDocument. Embedding of PNG, JPEG, GIF and WMF images is supported. In addition to the 14 standard Adobe fonts it is possible to use other Type1 or TrueType fonts - with or without embedding them into the generated document. In Unicode build CJK fonts are supported, too. Graphics primitives allow the creation of simple drawings.

Bugs or other issues can be reported on the wxPdfDocument issues page on GitHub.


The doxygen-generated documentation for this component is available online here. Please let me know if you think something is missing.

To get an impression what can be done with this component take a look at the sample documents generated with wxPdfDocument:

Future enhancements

Enhancements planned for one of the next versions:

To submit a feature request please look at wxPdfDocument issues page on GitHub.

Supporting further development

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