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wxSQLite3StringCollection Class Reference

Represents a named string value collection. More...

#include <wxsqlite3.h>

Inheritance diagram for wxSQLite3StringCollection:

Public Member Functions

 wxSQLite3StringCollection ()
 Default constructor.
 wxSQLite3StringCollection (const wxSQLite3StringCollection &collection)
 Copy constructor.
wxSQLite3StringCollectionoperator= (const wxSQLite3StringCollection &collection)
 Assignment constructor.
virtual ~wxSQLite3StringCollection ()
void Bind (const wxArrayString &stringCollection)
 Bind a new array of integer values.
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxSQLite3NamedCollection
 wxSQLite3NamedCollection (const wxSQLite3NamedCollection &collection)
 Copy constructor.
wxSQLite3NamedCollectionoperator= (const wxSQLite3NamedCollection &collection)
 Assignment constructor.
virtual ~wxSQLite3NamedCollection ()
const wxString & GetName () const
 Get the name of the collection.
bool IsOk () const
 Gets state of the collection.
 operator bool () const
 Gets state of the collection (same as IsOk() method)

Protected Member Functions

 wxSQLite3StringCollection (const wxString &collectionName, void *collectionData)
 Constructor (internal use only)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from wxSQLite3NamedCollection
 wxSQLite3NamedCollection (const wxString &collectionName, void *collectionData)
 Constructor (internal use only)
 wxSQLite3NamedCollection ()
 Default constructor.


class wxSQLite3Database

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from wxSQLite3NamedCollection
wxString m_name
 Name of the collection.
void * m_data
 Reference to the actual array of values representing the collection.

Detailed Description

Represents a named string value collection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ wxSQLite3StringCollection() [1/3]

wxSQLite3StringCollection::wxSQLite3StringCollection ( )

Default constructor.

Creates completely empty collection instance that must be set by assignment, be careful

◆ wxSQLite3StringCollection() [2/3]

wxSQLite3StringCollection::wxSQLite3StringCollection ( const wxSQLite3StringCollection & collection)

Copy constructor.

◆ ~wxSQLite3StringCollection()

wxSQLite3StringCollection::~wxSQLite3StringCollection ( )


◆ wxSQLite3StringCollection() [3/3]

wxSQLite3StringCollection::wxSQLite3StringCollection ( const wxString & collectionName,
void * collectionData )

Constructor (internal use only)

Member Function Documentation

◆ Bind()

void wxSQLite3StringCollection::Bind ( const wxArrayString & stringCollection)

Bind a new array of integer values.

Bind a new array of integer values to this named collection object.

stringCollectionarray of integer values to be bound
Binding values to a named collection after closing the corresponding database results in undefined behavior, i.e. the application is likely to crash.

◆ operator=()

wxSQLite3StringCollection & wxSQLite3StringCollection::operator= ( const wxSQLite3StringCollection & collection)

Assignment constructor.

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ wxSQLite3Database

friend class wxSQLite3Database

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