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wxSQLite3StringCollection Class Reference

Represents a named string value collection. More...

#include <wxsqlite3.h>

Inheritance diagram for wxSQLite3StringCollection:

Public Member Functions

 wxSQLite3StringCollection ()
 Constructor. More...
 wxSQLite3StringCollection (const wxSQLite3StringCollection &collection)
 Copy constructor. More...
wxSQLite3StringCollectionoperator= (const wxSQLite3StringCollection &collection)
 Assignment constructor. More...
 wxSQLite3StringCollection (const wxString &collectionName, void *collectionData)
 Constructor (internal use only) More...
virtual ~wxSQLite3StringCollection ()
 Destructor. More...
void Bind (const wxArrayString &stringCollection)
 Bind a new array of integer values. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from wxSQLite3NamedCollection
 wxSQLite3NamedCollection ()
 Constructor. More...
 wxSQLite3NamedCollection (const wxSQLite3NamedCollection &collection)
 Copy constructor. More...
wxSQLite3NamedCollectionoperator= (const wxSQLite3NamedCollection &collection)
 Assignment constructor. More...
 wxSQLite3NamedCollection (const wxString &collectionName, void *collectionData)
 Constructor (internal use only) More...
virtual ~wxSQLite3NamedCollection ()
 Destructor. More...
const wxString & GetName () const
 Get the name of the collection. More...


class wxSQLite3Database

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from wxSQLite3NamedCollection
wxString m_name
 Name of the collection. More...
void * m_data
 Reference to the actual array of values representing the collection. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a named string value collection.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ wxSQLite3StringCollection() [1/3]

wxSQLite3StringCollection::wxSQLite3StringCollection ( )


◆ wxSQLite3StringCollection() [2/3]

wxSQLite3StringCollection::wxSQLite3StringCollection ( const wxSQLite3StringCollection collection)

Copy constructor.

◆ wxSQLite3StringCollection() [3/3]

wxSQLite3StringCollection::wxSQLite3StringCollection ( const wxString &  collectionName,
void *  collectionData 

Constructor (internal use only)

◆ ~wxSQLite3StringCollection()

wxSQLite3StringCollection::~wxSQLite3StringCollection ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ Bind()

void wxSQLite3StringCollection::Bind ( const wxArrayString &  stringCollection)

Bind a new array of integer values.

Bind a new array of integer values to this named collection object.

stringCollectionarray of integer values to be bound
Binding values to a named collection after closing the corresponding database results in undefined behavior, i.e. the application is likely to crash.

◆ operator=()

wxSQLite3StringCollection & wxSQLite3StringCollection::operator= ( const wxSQLite3StringCollection collection)

Assignment constructor.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ wxSQLite3Database

friend class wxSQLite3Database

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