wxSQLite3  4.0.4

What is wxSQLite3?

wxSQLite3 is a C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite 3.x database and is specifically designed for use in programs based on the wxWidgets library.

Several solutions already exist to access SQLite databases. To name just a few:

The component wxSQLite3 was inspired by all three mentioned SQLite wrappers. wxSQLite3 does not try to hide the underlying database, in contrary almost all special features of the SQLite3 version 3.x are supported, like for example the creation of user defined scalar or aggregate functions.

Since SQLite stores strings in UTF-8 encoding, the wxSQLite3 methods provide automatic conversion between wxStrings and UTF-8 strings. The methods ToUTF8 and FromUTF8 of the wxString class (available since wxWidgets 2.8.4) are used for the conversion. Special care has to be taken if external administration tools are used to modify the database contents, since not all of these tools operate in Unicode or UTF-8 mode.

Version history

4.0.4 - June 2018

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.24.0

4.0.3 - April 2018

Adjusted encryption extension to better support the SQLite backup API

4.0.2 - April 2018

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.23.1

4.0.1 - April 2018

Fixed a bug in the rekeying function of the encryption extension

4.0.0 - April 2018

Introduced multi-cipher support at runtime
Added methods for attaching/detaching databases
Cleaned up code using statement buffers
Improved constness of methods
Upgrade to SQLite version 3.23.0

3.5.9 - January 2018

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.22.0

3.5.8 - November 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.21.0

3.5.7 - September 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.20.1

3.5.6 - August 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.20.0
Added support for persistent prepared statements
Added support for binding pointers (new SQLite pointer-binding interface)
Added several SQLite extensions (csv, sha3, carray, fileio, series) for the included SQLite library
Modified build files to expose the parameter SQLITE_MAX_ATTACHED to allow easier adjustment of the maximum number of attached databases

3.5.5 - June 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.19.3

3.5.4 - June 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.19.2

3.5.3 - March 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.18.0
Minor modification to wxsqlite3.pc.in to fix issue with pkgconfig tool

3.5.2 - March 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.17.0
Fixed minor issue in SQLite encryption extension related to symbol SQLITE_DEBUG
Modified build system for GNU make (support monolithic wxWidgets build)

3.5.1 - February 2017

Added version information as Windows resource for DLL builds on Windows
Cleaned up premake5 build files for Visual C++ (corrected debug environment settings)
Resolved wxWidgets library dependencies for Visual C++ using wxWidgets' special setup.h for MSVC

3.5.0 - January 2017

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.16.2
SQLite3 library now integrated part of wxSQLite3
Build system overhauled
Added Travis Continuous Integration

3.4.1 - October 2016

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.15.0

3.4.0 - August 2016

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.14.1
Added method wxSQLite3Statement::GetExpandedSQL
Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetExpandedSQL
Started to modify the build system to compile and statically link the SQLite3 library together with wxSQLite3
Added the CSV extension module as part of the SQLite3 library with encryption extension

3.3.1 - April 2016

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.12.1
Added method wxSQLite3Database::GetSystemErrorCode

3.3.0 - December 2015

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.9.2
(SQLite amalgamation source adjusted to fix problem with user authentication module)

3.2.1 - March 2015

Upgrade to SQLite version
Fixed a bug in method GetParamName

3.2.0 - December 2014

Upgrade to SQLite version
Added support for the SQLite user authentication module

3.1.1 - June 2014

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.8.5

3.1.0 - May 2014

Upgrade to SQLite version
Added flag isDeterministic to method wxSQLite3Database::CreateFunction
Added new GUI sample
Changed implementation of encryption extension (see Readme file in sqlite3 subfolder)

3.0.6 - December 2013

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.8.2

3.0.5 - September 2013

Upgrade to SQLite version
Added support for setting the temporary directory for SQLite on Windows

3.0.4 - August 2013

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.8.0
Added support for querying performance characteristics of prepared statements

3.0.3 - March 2013

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.16

3.0.2 - December 2012

Upgrade to SQLite version
Corrected an internal SQLite data structure to avoid compile time warnings
Changed method wxSQLite3Exception::ErrorCodeAsString to return the error messages provided by SQLite

3.0.1 - November 2012

Upgrade to SQLite version
Cleaned up and optimized Finalize methods
Modified wxSQLite3Database::Close to avoid potential memory leaks
Added method wxSQLite3Database::GetWrapperVersion
Added method wxSQLite3Database::IsReadOnly
Added method wxSQLite3Statement::BindUnixDateTime
Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetUnixDateTime
Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetAutomaticDateTime
Fixed a potential memory leak in method wxSQLite3Database::ExecuteUpdate
Added a wxsqlite3.pc file on request of the Fedora Project developers
Replaced assert by wxASSERT in wxSQLite3Transaction constructor

3.0.0 - January 2012

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.10
Added method wxSQLite3Database::Vacuum
Added method wxSQLite3Database::GetDatabaseFilename
Added method wxSQLite3Database::ReleaseMemory
Added method wxSQLite3ResultSet::CursorMoved
Added method wxSQLite3Statement::IsBusy
Fixed a bug in method operator= of wxSQLite3StringCollection causing an endless recursion on assignment
Dropped the concept of SQLite3 pointer ownership in favor of reference counted pointers allowing much more flexible use of wxSQLite3 classes
Modified SQLite3 encryption extension (defining int64 datatype for SHA2 algorithm)
Dropped dbadmin sample from build files
Added Premake support for SQLite3 library with encryption support and for wxSQLite3 (experimental)

2.1.3 - August 2011

Corrected default behavior for attached databases in case of an encrypted main database. (Now the attached database uses the same encryption key as the main database if no explicit key is given. Previously the attached database remained unencrypted.)
Added an optional progress callback for methods Backup and Restore
Added method SetBackupRestorePageCount to set the number of pages to be copied in one cycle of the backup/restore process

2.1.2 - July 2011

Upgrade to SQLite version
Modified wxSQLite3Transaction to make it exception safe

2.1.1 - April 2011

Upgrade to SQLite version
Added convenience method wxSQLite3Statement::ExecuteScalar
Changed write-ahead log checkpoint method to new version (v2)

2.1.0 - March 2011

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.5
Added wxSQLite+, a database administration application written by Fred Cailleau-Lepetit, as a GUI sample for wxSQLite3. Minor adjustments were applied to make wxSQLite+ compatible with wxWidgets 2.9.x. Please note that wxSQLite+ is under GPL license.

2.0.2 - December 2010

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.4
Added support for rebinding a BLOB object to a new row
Added support for determining if an SQL statement writes the database

2.0.1 - October 2010

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.3
Added parameter transferStatementOwnership to method wxSQLite3Statement::ExecuteQuery to allow using the returned result set beyond the life time of the wxSQLite3Statement instance
Eliminated the use of sqlite3_mprintf which caused linker problems when loading SQLite dynamically

2.0.0 - July 2010

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.7.0
Fixed a bug in class wxSQLite3ResultSet
Added support for SQLite's write-ahead log journal mode
Added support for named collections (see class wxSQLite3NamedCollection)
Changed UTF-8 string handling to use methods To/FromUTF8 of the wxString class (requires wxWidgets 2.8.4 or higher)
Compatible with wxWidgets 2.9.1

1.9.9 - March 2010

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.23
Fixed a bug when compiling for dynamic loading of SQLite
Added static methods for accessing the run-time library compilation options diagnostics
Added mathod FormatV to class wxSQLite3StatementBuffer

1.9.8 - February 2010

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.22
Fixed a bug when compiling without pre-compiled header support (by including wx/arrstr.h)

1.9.7 - November 2009

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.20
Added methods to query, enable or disable foreign key support

1.9.6 - September 2009

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.18
Added method to get the SQLite library source id
Added flags parameter to wxSQLite3Database::Open to allow additional control over the database connection (see http://www.sqlite.org/c3ref/open.html for further information)
Fixed a potential memory leak in wxSQLite3Statement class
Converted encryption extension from C++ to pure C to make it compatible with the SQLite amalgamation.

1.9.5 - February 2009

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.11
Added user defined function class for REGEXP operator.
Added support for SQLite backup/restore API, introduced with SQLite 3.6.11

1.9.4 - January 2009

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.10
Added support for savepoints, introduced with SQLite 3.6.8
Added method IsOk to the classes wxSQLite3Statement, wxSQLite3Table and wxSQLite3ResultSet, thus instances of these classes can be checked whether the associated SQLite database or statement are valid without throwing an exception.

1.9.3 - December 2008

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.7
Fixed a bug in method wxSQLite3Table::GetDouble (conversion from string to double failed in non-US locales)
Build system upgraded using Bakefile 0.2.5

1.9.2 - November 2008

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.6
Added RAII transaction class (see docs for details)

1.9.1 - September 2008

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.2
Introduced own step counting for aggregate user functions since the sqlite3_aggregate_count function is now deprecated
Enhanced wxSQLite3Database::TableExists method to query an attached database for existence of a table or to query the main database and all attached databases

1.9.0 - July 2008

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.6.0
The optional key based encryption support has been adapted to support SQLite version 3.6.0.
Added static methods to initialize and shutdown the SQLite library.
Changed build system to support static library build against shared wxWidgets build on Linux.
Changed behaviour of wxSQLite3Database::Close method to finalize all not-finalized prepared statements.

1.8.5 - June 2008

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.5.9
Integration of the optional key based encryption support into SQLite has been made easier. Changes to original SQLite source files are no longer necessary.

1.8.4 - April 2008

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.5.8
Added support for accessing database limits
Changed method TableExists to check a table name case insensitive
Fixed several minor issues in the build files.

1.8.3 - January 2008

Added support for shared cache mode
Added support for access to original SQL statement for prepared statements (requires SQLite 3.5.3 or above)

1.8.2 - December 2007

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.5.4
Fixed a bug in wxSQLite3Database::Begin (wrong transaction type)

1.8.1 - November 2007

Fixed a bug in in wxSQLite3Database::Close (resetting flag m_isEncrypted)
Eliminated several compile time warnings (regarding unused parameters)
Fixed a compile time bug in wxSQLite3Database::GetBlob (missing explicit type cast)

1.8.0 - November 2007

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.5.2
Support for SQLite incremental BLOBs
Changed source code in the SQLite3 encryption extension to eliminate several warnings
Changed default wxWidgets version to 2.8.x
Adjusted sources for SQLite encryption support are included for all SQLite version from 3.3.1 up to 3.5.2
SQLite link libraries for MinGW on Windows are included
Added WXMAKINGLIB_WXSQLITE3 compile time option to support building wxSQLite3 as a static library while using the shared libraries of wxWidgets.

1.7.3 - May 2007

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.3.17

Fixed a bug in the SQLite3 encryption extension (MD5 algorithm was not aware of endianess on big-endian platforms, resulting in non-portable database files)

1.7.2 - February 2007

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.3.12
Support for loadable extensions is now optional Check for optional wxSQLite3 features at runtime wxSQLite3 API independent of optional features

1.7.1 - January 2007

Fixed a bug in the key based database encryption feature (The call to sqlite3_rekey in wxSQLite3Database::ReKey could cause a program crash, when used to encrypt a previously unencrypted database.)

1.7.0 - January 2007

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.3.10 (Attention: at least SQLite version 3.3.9 is required)
Added support for BLOBs as wxMemoryBuffer objects
Added support for loadable extensions
Optional support for key based database encryption

1.6.0 - July 2006

Added support for user defined collation sequences

1.5.3 - June 2006

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.3.6
Added support for optional SQLite meta data methods

1.5.2 - March 2006

Fixed a bug in wxSQLite3Database::Prepare
Added wxSQLite3Database::IsOpen for convenience

1.5.1 - February 2006

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.3.4 (wxMSW only)

1.5 - February 2006

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.3.3
Added support for commit, rollback and update callbacks

1.4.2 - November 2005

Optimized code for wxString arguments

1.4.1 - November 2005

Fixed a bug in wxSQLite3Database::TableExists,
Changed the handling of Unicode string conversion,
Added support for different transaction types

1.4 - November 2005

Optionally load the SQLite library dynamically at run time.

1.3.1 - November 2005

Corrected wxSQLite3ResultSet::GetInt64.
Added wxSQLite3Table::GetInt64

1.3 - October 2005

Added wxGTK build support

1.2 - October 2005

Corrected error in wxSQLite3Table::FindColumnIndex

1.1 - October 2005

Upgrade to SQLite version 3.2.7

1.0 - July 2005
First public release
Ulrich Telle (ulrich DOT telle AT gmx DOT de)


Kudos to Fred Cailleau-Lepetit for developing wxSQLite+ as a sample demonstrating the wxWidgets components wxAUI and wxSQLite3 and for allowing it to be included in the wxSQLite3 distribution.

The following people have contributed to wxSQLite3: