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wxSQLite3: AES 256 Bit

This cipher was added to wxSQLite3 in 2010. It is a 256 bit AES encryption in CBC mode.

The encryption key is derived from the passphrase using an SHA256 hash function.

The initial vector for the encryption of each database page is derived from the page number.

The cipher does not use a Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC), and requires therefore no reserved bytes per database page.

The following table lists all parameters related to this cipher that can be set before activating database encryption.

kdf_iter40011 Number of iterations for the key derivation function
legacy001Boolean flag whether the legacy mode should be used
legacy_page_size0065536Page size to use in legacy mode, 0 = default SQLite page size


  • It is not recommended to use legacy mode for encrypting new databases. It is supported for compatibility reasons only, so that databases that were encrypted in legacy mode can be accessed.

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