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Supported Ciphers

SQLite3 Multiple Ciphers currently supports the cipher schemes of 4 Open Source projects that provide SQLite database encryption:

The implementation of the cipher schemes of wxSQLite3, SQLCipher, and System.Data.SQLite is based on code from project wxSQLite3; the implementation of the cipher scheme sqleet uses (slightly modified) code from the project sqleet. There is no direct dependency on external projects. The project wxSQLite3 will use the SQLite3 Multiple Ciphers implementation in future versions (starting with version 5).

The following sections describe the supported cipher schemes in a bit more detail.

Special attention should be payed to the section about legacy modes. While legacy encryption modes from the above mentioned projects is supported, the default of SQLite3 Multiple Ciphers is to use non-legacy modes, which increase compatibility with SQLite itself.

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